All bookings should be made directly with Andrew Robson Bridge Holidays (ARBH) and all room allocations are to be made by ARBH or via ARBH

The client is responsible for providing their own holiday insurance

The client will be provided with a booking form to complete and sign to say you have valid insurance and that you have read, and agreed to, the Terms & Conditions to be found on the website or available on request by email. Failure to sign this document is at your own risk

Deposits are always non refundable

The client’s place on the holiday will only be guaranteed once a non-refundable deposit has been received and acknowledged by ARBH

Once a final balance has been paid, this balance is non-refundable and if cancelled, the client will have to claim on their insurance policy. If a client has not paid the balance two weeks after the balance due date then we reserve the right to cancel the client’s booking and retain their non-refundable deposit and the client will be liable for any costs incurred by ARB Holidays

We reserve the right to cancel any holiday if the minimum number is not reached. Any amendments or transferral of bookings will be subject to a £25 per person admin fee. This includes changing room category.

We reserve the right to levy a surcharge on a foreign holiday (or excursion) if the £ has declined by 5% or more since the holiday was first promoted. The surcharge will be based only on the foreign currency part of the holiday. The surcharge would be requested when the balance is due, normally about 2 months before the event

Wheelchair users must bring a carer or friend with them on a holiday, as ARBH (or hotel) staff are unable to push wheelchairs on behalf of the client

Covid 19:

ARB Holidays are not responsible for guests providing the necessary documentation to travel abroad. It is the guest’s own responsibility to make it to the hotel and ARB Holidays are not liable for any refunds if a guest is prohibited from travel. The travel advice given by ARB Holidays is only a guideline as travel rules can change very quickly and the rules can be difficult to interpret! If a guest catches Covid whilst on a bridge holiday they will be prohibited from joining the bridge group and will need to self-isolate. The guest will also have to meet any extra costs themselves for staying extra nights etc The guest would not be due any refunds from ARB Holidays for non-completion of the holiday.


All rooms are given to the clients on a “first come first serve” basis and ultimately room allocation is at the discretion of the hotel. In some hotels, rooms will vary in size and style within a category group and although allocation is up to the hotel, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements



ARB Holidays do not book group flights. However, on most of our holidays we will meet a specific flight with a coach/bus to take you to the hotel (and back!) for a small additional fee. Please note that ARB Holidays are not responsible or liable for guest’s independent flights. If a guest cancels a holiday then they would need to try to claim a refund or voucher from their airline. Also, if an ARB Holiday is cancelled due to an act of God or otherwise (Coronavirus, Ash Cloud, Pandemic etc – see GENERAL below) then ARB Holidays are not responsible nor liable for guest’s flights. Guests would need to seek a refund or voucher from their airline



ARB Holidays are unique. It is important to stress that they are not aimed at the type of player who likes a serious 24-board duplicate every night; instead the emphasis is on instruction, with a little gentle competition, played in the friendly, social manner that typifies the ethos of the Andrew Robson Bridge Club (ARBC). Master points are not offered on any holiday

These holidays are not suitable for total beginners: you should have completed the minimum of an Essential (Intermediate) course at the ARBC or be at an equivalent standard

We will always do our best to find the client a suitable Bridge partner. The client must accept our choice with courtesy and show good manners to your partner. If the ARB Holidays staff feel that the client’s behaviour has been rude or inappropriate this could result in expulsion from Bridge sessions with no refund due to the client

If you are needing a Bridge partner then you must play ACOL (weak notrump and four card major)

The teaching material is at the discretion of ARB Holidays staff and only subject to change by ARBH staff

Numbers at Bridge sessions vary on a session basis and although we will always try to make up a table of four, an odd number may well result in a temporary sit out or a table of three, with an ARB Holidays staff member bidding the fourth hand and then bringing dummy in to defend.

We reserve the right to:

Have only one bridge host on an ARB Holiday if numbers are insufficient (or a host falls ill) or if a Bridge host falls ill, substitute the host for another teacher, for whatever reason

Substitute the advertised bridge teacher for another bridge teacher if the advertised teacher is no longer available

Refuse entry on an ARB Holiday if we are unable to provide a suitable Bridge partner for the potential client, or refuse entry to a Bridge partnership, without giving any reason

Immediately stop a Bridge player from continuing to play Bridge on an ARB Holiday if the Bridge player’s behaviour has been deemed inappropriate by the ARB Holidays staff (and without any refund of holiday)

Immediately stop a Bridge player from continuing to play bridge on an ARB Holiday, if it is clear to ARB Holidays staff that the player has not met the minimum standard required (i.e. completion of Next Step class)

Adjust the bridge programme, without giving prior notice

On a ski holiday, move a skier from one group to the next without consultation and, if a skier is constantly holding up the group (in the opinion of our ski guides) they will be prohibited from joining one of our ski groups and have to find an alternative guide (or ski school) at their own expense, with no refund given by us

Have fewer ski leaders than advertised, on our annual ski holidays or have larger ski groups than advertised. Please note some of our ski leaders may have no official guiding qualifications or Ski Club of Great Britain experience

ARB Holidays staff decisions are final and not open to appeal


Andrew Robson Bridge Holidays Ltd, their ski leaders and any other employees are not liable for any accident, theft, mishap, injury, illness or death incurred on an ARB Holiday nor are they liable for any outside influence affecting the duration/cancellation of a bridge holiday (or excursion) including: war, threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity and its consequences, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics, health risks and pandemics, unavoidable and unforeseeable technical problems with transport for reasons beyond our control (such as flight cancellations or diversions or coach breaking down) or that of our suppliers; closed or congested airports or ports or roads (on a ski holiday if a road is closed and we can not get into or out of the resort, then guests would have to pay for extra accommodation and meals and return flights at their own expense and claim off their insurance company), hurricanes and other actual or potential severe weather conditions, (ash cloud, extreme snow, avalanche, earthquake etc), closure (or damage) of hotel, force de majeure, and any other similar events

Andrew Robson Bridge Holidays Limited. Company number 8997251. Incorporated in England & Wales

Registered Office: Brick Kiln Cottage, The Avenue, Herriard, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG25 2PR